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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adventures of the Johnston's

We try to do fun things every once in a while and this time was no exception! 
Last weekend we went to the Aquarium with the Bates' and looked at all of the exciting animals.  Scotty is getting old enough he notices things that are farther away the brighter the better.

This last week has been very fun, we had Jeff's mom come into town and Scotty got to spend some more time with his cousin Gage!  He is an adorable little boy with a wonderful personality!  Thank's to the Johnston's for making us feel right at home!

All the cousins at the aquarium
Orianna a top a giant frog!

Scotty and his consentration face... He was really into figuring out how these animals move!

An ugly salamander and my rockin flash from the camara!

Scotty liked the stroller

Scotty's hot parents!

Mommy and Scotty

Checkin' out the fish!

"Get me outta here I want to look at the fish!!"  says Fintan

"What fish?" says Scotty

Uncle Eric and Cousin Gage with Scotty and Dad

Uncle Eric and Aunt Carly showing Scotty the great outdoors!

Scotty has a fun time with Uncle Eric!  He has shown him a lot of new tricks!

Scotty and Gagey getting being taught how to box ;)

Scotty is learning how to crawl from Gage!
Needless to say we have been having a great time!  Hope you all are too!

The Johnstons

Friday, March 25, 2011


So I realized I haven't told anyone about Scotty, here it is!

1:  Scotty has finally mastered sitting on his own, but he still falls over when he tries to look at me behind him ..... :)
2:  He laughes at dad whenever he comes home, no matter how crabby he was before he comes home!
3:  He has learned to whine.... ugh ;)
4:  Scotty can say Da Da Da Da Da over and over all day.... it's adorable!
5:  Today for the first time he said Ta Ta Ta! Woo hoo!!!
6:  He loves to blow bubbles all day... oh dear....
7:  He does push ups!   He is so close to crawling!  How do they change so fast?
8:  He figured out how to flatten his hands and slaps the table tops, toys and mom's face!  When he  wants my  attention he puts his hands on my face and tries to turn my face towards his! ADORABLE!
9:  He got his first tooth! SO BIG!
10:  When he sleeps he has to feel my face whenever he wakes up!  Needless to say if my face isn't there when he wakes up, he gets really upset!  I guess he just loves me!!! :)

Updates?  There you go!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scotty Meets the Monkey

Scotty met a stuffed animal for the first time... He was a little nervous but SO excited! I had to post this cause too ADORABLE. This was taken Feb. 23, 2010!

Scotty Swings

Scotty was about 3 months when this was taken... I am just slow... SO CUTE!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are way to much fun!

So my family wanted to celebrate Valentines day the only way we know how... With a Murder Mystery Dinner!!! 1920's style!!!

Yes we are nerds... It was set in the 20's in a SpeakEasy... An illegal bar during the prohibition... hilarious by the way, since none of us know anything about alcoholic speakeasy's... But very interesting and awesome for costuming!  Anyway we had a blast!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun and Random

I found some pictures I thought was fun!
This was the morning Scotty was born...

I think you can see the panic in my eyes! ha ha ha! I have no makeup on...
good thing my husband loves me.

This was the first date Jeff was able to take me on since Scotty was born.  Look at my HANDSOME BOYS! 

Yay for camera timers!

Anna Lisa's AMAZING Thanksgiving turkey... It tastes as good as it looks people... She is our own  Martha Stewart.

This is the 12 layer jello I made! hee hee... It does pale in comparison to the turkey...
but it tastes good!

It was so good and so pretty I put up another one... sorry...

The creator of the turkey and my cute little baby!

I realized Scotty and I hadn't taken any pictures together so I wanted to take some...
 he is so handsome...

He makes me so happy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Fun Videos!

Thank you Robyn for this beautiful photo!!

I take all these videos on my phone... so these are not the best quality... I know I should get out the camera and tape these but your phone is always right by you ya know? Anyway I think I should still show you guys some fun new things of my baby! He is so cute and he is just turned two months... He is now over 13 lbs and is 25 inches long... He is a big boy, and we just love him tons... He sings with mommy during our talk time we have in the morning when we wake up, it's adorable, and he smiles and laughs so cute!

He was to cute not to video! He sat there for forever and just was so chill... I decided to put him there more often!

When I put him on his tummy and he started rolling over I was shocked! I thought I would be able to leave him without freaking out he wouldn't be there when I got back.... But it doesn't look like this it true any longer!